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Captains narrate two-hour tours through the Pacific in search of gray whales, dolphins, and sea lions.
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On April 23 whale watchers with the Monterey Bay Whale Watch boat tour observed a pod of killer whales attacking a baby gray whale right off Cannery Row. San Francisco Chronicle, April 25, April - Picture of the Day. This is the moment a hungry killer whale toyed with a seal and sent it flying into the air.

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Learn more about Big Blue Live. Whale breach a bit too close for comfort - Breaching humpback whale launches from the water in Monterey Bay and splashes down only yards from awe-struck passengers, rocking their boat Article by Pete Thomas, featuring photos by Jodi Frediani GrindTV, October 15, Monterey Bay's bustling marine life brings trouble, too - A pack of 20 killer whales attacked a mother gray whale and its calf.

San Francisco Chronicle, April 27, November - Killer Whales in Monterey Bay. Killer whales put on 'unbelievable' show in Monterey Bay - More than a dozen killer whales San Jose Mercury News, November 11, Huge pod of orcas adds to spectacular show on Monterey Bay - More than a dozen killer whales Santa Cruz Sentinel, November 11, October - Killer Whales in Monterey Bay.

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Read the story behind naturalist Katie Dunbar's capture of a lava-colored waterfall cascading off the flukes of one of the hundreds of humpback whales that have been gorging on anchovies in Monterey for nearly two months. Pete Thomas Outdoors, October 22, June - Blue Whales in Monterey Bay.

Monterey Bay seeing a lot of majestic blue whales - About 2, are fattening up along California's coast. The Monterey County Herald, June 30, May - Strong winds lead to an abundance of krill, attracting Humpbacks and other marine mammals. February - Blue Whales in Monterey Bay very unusual for this time of year. January - Killer Whales hunting dolphins in Monterey Bay. Learn more about the awards.

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North state whale watchers spotting more blue whales this year Sacramento Bee, July 29, Blue whales, drawn by multitude of krill, emerge for a feeding frenzy Santa Cruz Sentinel, July 7, These Killer Whales were seen again on February 2. Anyways, my colleagues and I were super excited to hire the charter boat and go watch the giant animal in its natural habitat. Our first encounter was with a blue whale that was swimming around with a pod of common dolphins. By P. M, we spotted the same creature near the Strand beach, moving towards South Laguna.

And to forget, we witnessed a smaller fin whale swimming below blue whale around P. The whale surfaced quite a few times and left us awestruck and bedazzled every time. Perhaps the highlight of the trip was when the blue whale went past us while into the opposite direction. It was the closest we ever got to this magnanimous creature. Suffice to say, it was a hair-raising moment that left everyone speechless. It was the closest any whale got to the shore. There were several moments that stood out from the rest.

One time, a whale lifted its head so high that we were able to observe its massive jaw line. While on other instance, the creature came at as head on and dove right under the boat. Suffice to say, everyone was a bit scared but it was all worth it. Despite being completely overwhelmed by sheer size of the animal, I was able to gain my composure and click some astounding pictures.

Here some of the best images of this brilliant adventure. Around , I took my first picture of a blue whale fluking.

Experience a breathtaking adventure with an awesome crew and seasoned captains.

It was a sight to behold. Seeing a ton creature flaunt its massive tale and propel itself through the water was just the right start to the trip. Fun fact: A blue whale's tail can be as wide as a professional soccer net. This whale's fluke created a small water fall in middle of the ocean.

Although we witnessed this sight again and again, it was always as eye-striking as the first time we saw it. The blue whale came up from the left side of the boat and I was able to capture the creature from another angle. From both angles, the enormous scale of this beast was apparent. When the blue whale took a turn and approached the boat swimming down the port side, the watchers were able to witness it blow. The gusher of misty air and vapor was magnanimous.

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I would not have been so happy paying full price and not seeing many whales!! Spur of the moment whale watching trip Great surprise when we were able to get on the very next boat leaving in less than an hour. The boat's capacity is 49 people but there was only about 20 of us. Great experience! We stood in the front and got soaked by the waves on the way to the whales Our captain was very informative and found us several blue whales to watch.

He got us close enough to the whales for great pictures but stayed far enough away to respect the whales. Also saw a few seals. This trip was well worth the time and money! I took my daughter, age 9, with me on a 2 hour trip and we had a great time.

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  • We stood right at the front of the catamaran and watched the dolphins and jellyfish swim by. I've been on several whale watching trips in other areas and this by far exceeded my expectations. We saw many large, Blue Whales very close up. You could see their spray and hear them breathe. We even got multiple shots of them diving and their tales in the air. It was very cool and the captain did an amazing job of finding them and keeping us near.

    He had lots of information to tell us about them and make the trip interesting. The catamaran was very clean and no one got sick at all which is very rare. Whale watching was excellent--never realized they are called blue whales because of the color they appear just under the surface beautiful turquoise blue. Within view of the coastline, followed two whales and saw them breach about 6 different times. Great pictures. Sportfishing on San Mateo with Captain Zach was a blast. Have been using this boat for 3 years and always caught a ton of fish.

    They fillet themgreat fish tacos with the calico bass and nice steamed fish on the grill wrapped in aluminum foil with rockfish and sculpin.

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    Good food and beer, too. Great for extended family. Beautiful day on the catamaran. The guides took us right out to see the whales and we were rewarded with a great show. There were at least 3 blue whales that we observed. One of them surfaced right next to the boat and then went under it. I only wish I had my camera ready then. I attached a picture of one from a distance. The boat wasn't crowded at all and the guides were great. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.